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Partners in Vision

Church real estate projects can be large and complex undertakings.

Partners in Vision offers planning and technical assistance on major projects involving church property. CB&LF will help your church create a plan that is resourceful, sustainable, creative and mission-focused.

Partners in Vision assists with:

  • Pre-development of real estate development projects
  • Repurposing church-owned property that is unused or underused
  • Planning complex projects
  • Managing properties or paying real estate costs
  • Charting a course for real estate in transition due to church closure
  • Real estate projects that require innovative approaches

A multi-discipline team of CB&LF staff, development consultants and other experts will discern the best use of your property and develop a plan based on your church’s specific needs.

Services are provided at the lowest possible cost in accordance with CB&LF’s mission to create places where people of faith gather for worship, service and community transformation.

We invite you to take the first step and contact us to learn more. The first informational meeting is free and will determine whether your project is suitable for Partners in Vision. If we cannot assist you, we will work to help you find other resources.