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Partners in Mission

Purchasing land or property for your congregation to flourish does not need to be a long or daunting process. Partners in Mission (PIM) offers strategies for promising new church starts. 

While your church is leasing its current worship and meeting space, PIM assists you in accumulating funds toward the down payment for a building, land site or new church construction. If selected for participation in PIM, your church will sign an agreement to receive matching funds from CB&LF within a 24-month period. Those funds will go towards the 20% down payment on your future loan with CB&LF and will earn interest in a designated building reserve account until your church accumulates the necessary funds to proceed with financing with CB&LF. During this time, we ask that your church provides CB&LF with at minimum quarterly bank statements of your progress towards the accumulation of the required down payment.

PIM is the first ever program of this type that provides assistance in accumulating the down payment towards purchasing a building or church construction. If your church demonstrates the ability to manage the funds financed while maintaining other church expenses that support your ministry, PIM can help in a secure financial plan. If your church consistently has monthly revenues resulting in consistent surplus over expenses, PIM can help you turn those funds into a lasting investment. If your church is ready to take the next step in expanding, PIM can make the hope of purchasing a permanent church home a reality.

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