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Capital Campaigns


Fulfill your vision and mission. Build a new sanctuary. Renovate an old building or construct a new one. Add space for your educational or family life ministry. Expand your staff. Grow your endowment.

A capital campaign is an opportunity for congregational growth that can result in a deeper understanding of stewardship. For church members, it can be the greatest faith-affirming experience of their lives.

Church Building & Loan Fund offers the only professional capital campaign services authorized by the United Church of Christ. Our capital fundraising executives help churches meet their fundraising goals, and our services are cost-effective.

Successful capital campaigns raise more than money. Our capital campaign methods also create an opportunity for the church body to use untapped gifts and abilities, equipping your congregation to expand its mission and outreach.

At your first free informational meeting, our executives will help you answer questions such as “How much can we raise?” and “What should we consider when setting our goals?” Once retained by your church, our fundraising professionals will provide a feasibility study to determine giving capacity; help you set goals for the campaign; provide training, coaching and mentoring for your campaign leaders; and conduct oversight through the duration of your campaign.

Contact us for a free informational meeting to begin the capital campaign journey. 

Funding Your Future: A Capital Campaign Manual

“Funding Your Future: A Capital Campaign Manual” from the United Church of Christ is an essential tool for your church’s campaign executive team. Learn more