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Mission & Vision

We transform communities by helping the church live into God’s economy.

Our Mission

The UCC Church Building & Loan Fund assists new and renewing United Church of Christ congregations and other Christian congregations regardless of sect or denominational affiliation, that are planning to buy a first church building or land site, or who want to construct, renovate or develop a church building, school, parsonage or other church-owned real property that advances the mission of the Church.

Our Vision

We re-invent the concept of “church” through innovative uses of buildings and space created through unique partnerships and the application of biblical principles, to dramatically improve the economic, social, environmental and spiritual vitality of communities, especially those with a preponderance of poor and/or gentrifying neighborhoods.

CB&LF is the successor organization to the oldest church building society in the United States. We have financed about one new project every month for over 160 years.  We exist to help churches deploy assets for mission.

CB&LF works exclusively with churches and church organizations that own or are seeking to own real property with the intention that through worship, service or other community enhancing, people-edifying and God-glorifying activity or use, the property will be dedicated to the advancement of the mission of Jesus Christ, explicitly and implicitly described in the New Testament as the Gospel.

God is still building, and we’re here to help. Ready to get started?